1. A circular well of 21m depth is dug up so that the radius of the well is 1.5m. What is the volume of the earth dug up?
A. 148.50 m³
B. 170 m³
C. 162.50 m³
D.182.50 m³

2. A man does half as much work as his son in three fourth of the time. If they take 18 days to complete the work together, how many days will the son take to do the task alone?
A. 20 days
B. 25 days
C. 35 days
D. 30 days

3. Adam and John are typing to work on a computer. Adam takes 5 hrs to type 30 pages on a computer, while John takes 5 hrs to type 40 pages. if they are working together together on two different computers to type an assignment of 140 pages, how much time will they take?
A.10 hrs
B. 12 hrs
C. 9 hrs
D.15 hrs

4. Chirs can make a chair in 12 days and Billy in 18 days they work together to make a chair for 6 days. What fraction of work is left?
A. 1/2
B. 1/3
C. 1/3
D. 1/6

5. The cost price of an article is 30% of the selling price. What percentage of cost price is the selling price.
A. 70%
B. 130%
C. 330%
D. 230%

6. Kevin bought a mobile phone with 15% discount on the labelled price. He sold the phone for Rs. 3000 with 25% profit on the labelled price. At what price did he buy the phone?
A. Rs. 2,100
B. Rs. 2,040
C. Rs. 2,300
D. Rs. 2,450

7. At what rate of interest per annum will an amount get double in 16 years?
A. 25/4%
B. 12%
C. 15%
D. 8%

8. In a company, the salaries of the Manager and the Workers are in the ratio 2:3. If the salary of both is increased by Rs. 4000, the new ratio for their salaries becomes 40:57. What is the salary of the workers.
A. Rs.38,000
B. Rs. 33,000
C. Rs. 35,000
D. Rs. 39000
9. A mixture of liquids contains alcohol and water in the ratio of 3:2. If 6 liters of water is added to mixture, the ratio becomes 3:4, what is the quantity of alcohol the mixture?
A. 8 ltrs
B. 9 ltrs
C. 12. ltrs
D. 6 ltrs

10. If an employee walks at 2/3 of his usual speed, he gets late to the office by 15 mins. What time does he usually take to reach the office?
A. 10 min.
B. 30 min
C. 35 min,
D. 25 min

11. John covers a distance by driving a car at 60 kmph and he returns back to the starting point on the scooter at 40 kmph. Find the average speed for the whole journey.
A. 48 kmph
B. 50 kmph
C. 51 kmph
D. 54 kmph

12. A hollow iron pipe, which is 14 cm Long and has its external diameter 10 cm. If the thickness of the pipe 2 cm and iron weighs 10g/cm³, find the weight of the pipe?
A. 3960 gm
B. 3050 gm
C. 3160 gm
D. 3950 gm

13. consider the following paragraph: this is an important message from the department of health and public safety. next week, there is a (1)___________ of a hurricane in the area. the authorities are keeping a (2) ___________ and will keep you informed. you are advised to monitor the radio and television for weather reports. a warning may be issued to stay indoors until the storm is over. in that case, stay away from all windows and exterior doors. if there is a warning for (4) ____________ take only essential items with you. do not (5) ____________. choose the best word for the (1) blank given in the preceding paragraph.

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1)   R = 1.5m,     H = 21m     find  π R² H
2)   M = S/2*4/3 = 2S/3             1/M+1/S=5/2S =1/18

3.   Adam=6page/hr  John=8/hr  together 14 pages/hr.  so 140/14=10

4.  C =1/12  B=1/18  together 5/36. in 6 days  5*6/36 => remaining  1/6

5.  CP = 0.30 SP  => SP = 3.33 CP  =>  SP = 333% CP

7.  2 P = P + P r 16  =>  r = 100/16 %

11.  1/40 + 1/60 = 1/48 =>  48 kmph

12.  L=14cm.  D=10cm  R = D/2  t=2cm. d=10g/cm^3. 
        find   [  Pi R^2 - Pi (R-2)^2 ] L * d

13) possibility ,  watch,  evacuation,      stay indoors or stay back or delay  or panic.
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6) rs 2,400 8) 38,000 9) 9 litres
10) 30 min
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