Hmmm....that's intresting, because we are having a swachh bharat in our school too.
you can organise a cleaning drive in a dirty area near you, paint dirty walls, set up signs and posters telling people about the swachh bharat movement.
Decorate rooms with posters, accomplishments you have done to clean india, and more stuff like that.
make a pledge, which everyone can recite-
I am going to be proud of my India.
I am going to be helpful, neat and clean.
I will not pollute my country, and to my best to try and clean my country, to create a better future, for us citizens of india
I will look after property, and take care of my surroundings.
I will help in cleaning my surroundings, and this will be a small step, to a big leap in cleaning India, as a responsible citizen

You can also make a sort of newsletter, showing letters, comics, stories, quizzes, based on swachh bharat to spread Awareness
Hope this helps! -anaya
Thanks very much... Wow! u have great Ideas! The pledge is simply awesome..! Do give more inputs plz....Thanks for helping!
you can make little drawings of a broom and some dirt.
some themes for rooms are-
1-swatch class1
2-waste talk corner
3-garbage talkĀ 
you can hold campains with some diy banners made from cardboard an spraypaint.
Thanks a lot...that is wonderful!...u have real good ideas...plz keep me updated on more! Thanks for helping!
Could u kindly elaborate on the toics- swatch class 1, waste talk corner and garbage talk- how to execute it ?
i dont understand.....