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Animals provide joy, companionship, and laughter to our lives. When Loren (Caddo) came home from the army, he was greeted by his soon-to-become lifelong companion, Buck, a beautiful black lab. Buck assisted him in hunting and trapping and guarded the family farm while providing hours of sheer pleasure.Seeing-eye dogs and other trained animals for handicapped individuals perform services by assisting their masters in their daily activities, from carrying large objects to directing a blind person through traffic.Animals save our lives in many ways. For example, they guard our properties and perform heroic feats. Many still remember the canines thatassisted and/or lost their lives during the 9/11 attack. Similarly, the police dog is considered a genuine officer and is given the same respect as any human officer in the force. This dog in turn, will give his/her life in the line of duty.
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animals are one of the best gifts nature could ever give. they give us food, other products. food includes: milk, milk products, eggs, honey, meat, chicken, beef, pork, mutton, steak, ham, etc. products like leather, wool, silk, synthetic, colours, ornaments (from oysters), etc. without them, our life would be incomplete. also never forget that they also entertain us with the help of their sounds like you see the cuckoo's sounds. they are very melodious. even the nightingale sings beautifully.
Research involving laboratory animals is necessary to ensure and enhance human and animal health and protection of the environment.
• In the absence of human data, research with experimental animals is the most reliable means of detecting important toxic properties
of chemical substances and for estimating risks to human and environmental health.
They maintain ecological balance They provide food items like milk egg meat Animals skin are also very useful as they serve many purpose like in manufacturing of leather They enhance the ecological diversity of the country They are also used for transportation Many animals provide many useful things like Honey bees provide honey
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They provide food items like eggs, meat, honey, milk.