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       T- flip flop is an electronic device made using semiconductor transistor circuits.  The circuit uses switching logic to change its output logic state depending on the input signals.  It toggles its output each time it receives a positive transition (low to high) on the clock input, provided the line on T is held high.  When the line T is low, the previous state of output Q is held as it is, when the clock pulse is given.

   T flip flop can be made from JK flip flop or R-S flip flop or D flip flop or other latch devices.  It is used as a storage device in digital electronics to store 1 bit of data. It has two inputs. One is data T and another is the clock CLK.  It has one output line denoted by Q and another output is Q bar.

  The  logic of T flip flop can be explained as :  Q next =  T  ExOR Q.

   T flip flop can be used to divide the clock frequency by two, when T is kept high, as the input toggles each clock pulse.  Thus it is used in shift registers and digital number counters or timers.  T flip flips are also used in digital logic in logical operations.
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