1.Greater access to information reduces research time.
2. Useful communication links.
3. Global reach enables one to connect to anyone o the internet.
4. Easy communication with others.
5. Publishing documents on the internet saves paper.
6. A valuable resource for companies to advertise and conduct business.
1. Cyber frauds may take place involving Credit/Debit card numbers and details.
2. Unsuitable and undesirable material available that sometimes are used by notorious people such as terrorists.
3. Computer viruses get downloaded and spread across machines connected to networks.
4. Much of the information isn't checked and may be incorrect or irrelevant.
5. Mesages sent across the Internet can be easily intercepted and are open to abuse others.
6. Too much time spent on the internet could result in lack of face-to-face interaction with others and a loss of social skills.
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Advantages are we get knowledge from internet where as Disadvantages are overusing and misusing it 
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