1. Cyber frauds may take place involving Credit/Debit card numbers and details.
2. Unsuitable and undesirable material available that sometimes are used by some notorious people such as terrorists.
3. Computer viruses may get downloaded and spread across machines connected to networks.
4. Much of the information isn't checked and may be incorrect or irrelevant.
5. Messages sent across the Internet can be easily intercepted and are open to abuse by others.
6. Too much time spent on the Internet result in a lack of face-to-face interaction with others and a loss of social skills.
.Many times it confuse you as when you want a simple thing then there are so many answers that you get confused which one is right.
.While downloading something from internet ....viruses enters your PCs ,mobiles etc.
.Children when attracts with any social networking sites then they stop studying and their minds move away from studies. Especially for the children that are less than 13..
.Also as in our past there was no internet then friends or relatives meets on festivals etc... but now people talk on internet it is a good thing that if some one doesn't have time but the families get diverged...