Caring for elders..... its a important thing ...when we are children the elders care for us so we should care them when they are old .....and in our childhood too we have to care for them as if they want water or they are sick we can help them and care for them......for example our parents care for us and help us but many of us do not care for them and when we grow younger some of us though out our parents away that's not a good thing it is the worst thing that we can do ever......not only our parents...... we should care for all elders and respect them as the teachers of our school ,the people of the place where we live or work ..this is a good thing and make everybody happy.......
                                       Caring for elderly peoples 

Life is very beautiful in childhood as everybody are our's caretakers .  We get lessons from them . They gives us the way how to walk , talk etc . They are our well wishers . They give us love . But at the age of sixty or above they becomes  less active in their lives . At that time we have to take care of them that they are good or not , they are living in a clean environment or not . The responsibility of caring for the elderly is our . We should care them . At last i would say that :-

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”