The Brainliest Answer!
Open a picture of the brain and its every detail in google images .take a block of thermacol and take a stationary knife and heat it and start carving. then paint with waterproof acrylic paints.then take toothpicks and stick a piece of paper on them . on the paper write the part of the brain and poke the toothpick into the thermmacol.and there you have it

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thank you before now even i don no to do a model because it is my project for this project i will get 10 marks thanks a lot
First take a big piece of thermacol.

Take the well labelled diagram of a brain . There should be information of all the parts of the brains . Like what is cerebrum function ?  What is pons ? And much more . 

Now take a brush and some water colours .( Colours should be permanent like acrylic colours )

Make a diagram of a brain and labelled it . ( But it should be large or big ).

Now makes boundaries and cut it with a stationary knife . 

See in the attachment . You can also make it . It is so simple to make . All the best.
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thanks a lot becase for this one i will get 10 marks