Please help me....I need a topic for letter writing...Informal, Formal ..anything will do..just tht it has to b gud for a 9th grade student....PLEASE HELP...its urgent...Please

write a letter to an editor formal letter -- informing of lack of buses, pollution, in your residential area. attach a photo or two..
for the formal writing you can write a letter to the reporter, news reporter or some official one and informal you can write a letter to your family or friends about some picnic or parties inviting them would be a nice one.



writing a letter to ur cousin/ friend younger to u advising him to study hard for exams.

hope I helped if yes then mark as best and thank

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Tysm..I was searching for a topic for very long...tysssm...
you may write your younger brother telling him the importance of reading news paper or telling him to reduce pollution or telling him to be in good company
hope these topics help u :D
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write a formal letter to your headmaster / principal on how your father the only source of income has retired and how the school could reduce your fee or completely not take fee from you