Q. Draw the velocity time graph of a ball vertically thrown upwards with an initial velocity of u and rebound from the ground.

Q.An aircraft drops a food packet travelling at a speed of 100 m/s .if the spot where the food packet is to be dropped is at distance of 500 m.Find whether food packet is at spot or not

the height at which aircraft is traveling is needed



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   Please see diagram for the first one...

We need to know the height at which the aircraft is flying.  Suppose it is H meters.

  The packet takes time t to reach the ground. 
       H = 1/2 g t²  =>          t = √(2H/g)
  In this time, the packet will travel a distance of
             100 m/s * t = 100 * √(2H/g) 

  Suppose this distance is equal to 500 m =>
           √(2H/g) = 5    =>  H = 25 g / 2

   If the aircraft is flying at a height of  25 g/2  then it will hit the spot.