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1. Shinzō Abe is the name of Japan Prime Minister.

2. See in the attachment.

merica, Taiwan, Philippines , South Korea are the biggest allies of Japan.

hina, North Korea are the biggest enemies of Japan.
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but taiwan and korea are big enemies
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1. name of prime minister is Shinzo Abe                                                              2 Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Finance Minister Taro Asom, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga                                                                                     3.india, america, taiwan, philipines,are the best countries                                      4.china is bigest enemies                                                                              5.  The prime minister is required to make periodic reports on foreign relations to the Diet, whose upper and lower houses each have a foreign affairs committee. Each committee reports on its deliberations to plenary sessions of the chamber to which it belongs. Idlmm committees are formed occasionally to consider special questions. Diet members have the right to raise pertinent policy questions—officially termed interpellations to the minister of foreign affairs and the prime minister. Treaties with foreign countries require ratification by the Diet. As head of state, the emperor performs the ceremonial function of receiving foreign envoys and attesting to foreign treaties ratified by the Diet.  
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