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See ifu want to be a scientist then u must give an exam called KVPY(kishore vagyanik protsahan yojana)in class 11 and 12.....which is conducted by the indian instituteof sciences..difficulty level is of iit u must prepare very very is coducted in th month of november first week oroctober last u must try and complete ur 11 class concepts earlier than that....when u get selected in KVPY exam,then u willhave a chance(directadmission to IISC )after class 12 where u can pursue btech on computer sscience orany other related department of your choice and thenucan later onapply for ISRO.....all d best!!prepare well..........
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If one wants to become a scientist, it is good to keep interest in maths, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology and environmental science.  First requirement is this.   During 11th and 12 th take entrance tests for reputed institutes like IIT, IISc, BITS and many other reputed universities.

    Many universities or institutes offer post graduate courses and give scholar ship.  During bachelors degree there may not be a scholarship given to every one.    In some reputed institutes and  universities, depending on performance in each semester, a scholarship is awarded.

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any scholarship is there latest
for which level, XI, XII or bachelors or PG ? scholarship at what level? please specify
scholarships to OC students are offered by some state governments. There are some scholarships offered in the university or institute during the degree itself.