1)India-Bangladesh Land Agreement bill
2)Insurance Bill
3)Labour Reforms bill
           These are the first three important bills introduced in the winter session of the parliament this year

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If you are asking the types of bills that are introduced in general in the parliament, these are mainly two categories and the types are mentioned as below.  Once a bill is voted, approved and passed.  It becomes part of law of India.  It is called as an act or statute.

1 . Government bills
   1. original bills for new policies
   2.  amendment bills  -  for changing already passed bills earlier.

   3. Consolidating bills
   4. Continuation bills - to continue / renew bills which will expire

   5. Repealing bills - to abolish some acts

   6. Finance bills
           these are further split into  category A and category B bills.

   7. VAlidating bills - to validate some things as good

   8. constitution amendment bills
2.  Private member bills

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