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Me sai raghava reddy mys elf studied in KESHAVA REDDY SCHOOL up to 10th class. Its the school where we can get better education than any other school in the country.its such a school that they wont see the experienced teachers but they see the knowledge they have where as not in other schools.even though food is too excellent the problem is that they have so much chilli powder in that.but even the food is alright.we cannot compare it with that keshava reddy school is the great school

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School are very important for  learning it is a place where children learn manner discipline, punctuality and many more along with studies. The name of my school is --------------------------.there classes from lkg to class 12 in my school .near the gate there are two small gardens in which there are grassy law, flower beds, fruits trees and a beautiful fountain. there are many teachers in my school and they are highly qualified the best thing in the school is the arrangement of games, debates and scouting.our school assembly is very nice,we learn many is best school in world and i,am proud of it.
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