1. : D. A Turkic dynasty conquered the Delhi region and founded the Delhi Sultanate 
2. : C.It spread the influence of the Orthodox Church. 
3. : D.The Islamic law was changed to be more like Catholicism. 
4. : C.The Seljuks conquests had cut off Europe from access to Jerusalem. 
5. : A.He negotiated a clear border between Spain and France. 
6. : C.Córdoba's population was mainly Arab. 
7. : B.Christians were no longer persecuted for their beliefs in the region. 
8. : B.violent rebellions by peasants in the distant provinces spread the Byzantine army too thin 
9. : C.The empire became divided into an eastern and a western half. 
10.: D.He viewed them as pagan religions that needed to be suppressed. hope it would be helpful to u ..
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