Three years ago there was a man his name was mohan .his parent was to poor .mohan is a topper student in her village school and he was very helpful to his/her friends .when they dont get scholarship in he village school then he convince to her father and his mother that"please mom and dad i wanted to went to the mumbai for better study and got scholarship .her parents was very support to her child then her dad and his mom said yes ,then his mom asked a question to her child where u live in mumbai then her child answered that in my friends house then 2 days after they went to mumbai .then they went to her friendsss house then he live there .2 years after they got a scholarship in the mumbai hi fi school then he found a topperĀ  student in that he trying to find a job then they got a nice and better .his monthly income was 2 lakh .then 4 years after mohan was very hifi people in that mumbai. then he have a 2 cars 3 bikes and most important a big banglow .then he call to her dad and his mom receving that news thatĀ  mohan come to the village after 6 years when he came to his village in her hi fi car when his mom seeing that mohan dres up was very change .and her dad and his mom socked that he had a car.then 2 days after their parets went to the mumbai in his child .