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It is true that information technology has a very important role in school education.
1]the usage of technology in education has helped develop or rather say create a new interactive environment of  learning in the classroom.
2]it has helped  build a confidence in the mindset of students and help out even the poorest child in the classroom.
3]the usage of technology in education has brought a drastic change in the system of teaching and learning,the old system of a teacher struggling to teach a class as now been converted into an environment of interactive classes where the students also have an active participation.
4]the introduction of technology into the education system has helped a ot of students who feel inferior in the clasroom and hesitate to clear thir doubts, for such kids these interactive classes gives them the courge to open up and perform well in their studies.
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     Role of information technology in today's world is unquestionable.  The latest gadgets, computers and internet are being used by every one at home, at school, at office and at many public places.    Hence at every level there is a role for the information technology.  There are two uses mainly, for management of schools and for teaching or learning purposes.

    In schools, the information technology, computers, software, gadgets can all help to better do the administration of the school by managing the student data related to identity, academics, exams, scores, attendance, accounts, salaries of staff, other necessary matters.  All these are useful in the decision making by the school management.

   In some advanced schools, (perhaps in India and in many schools abroad), the assignments and home work are also posted on the internet, is done and submitted directly on the internet.  All types of assignments may not be done this way.  However, some part is done.  There is an advantage that evaluation and tracking is automatic.

   It is perhaps not good to give too much of a role to information technology at the level of schooling for direct education. It is always better through the classroom teaching.  However, there are some situations the gaps in direct teaching can be filled by using information technology and computers.

   As the technology and science levels are going up and knowledge requirements of students is going up every year.  For example, some students in a degree course need to use and operate a computer and work on internet for academic purposes.  So to prepare them to attain that skill level, in school there has to be training on information technology, and computers etc.

   Further, students study lessons on information technology in text books.  Hence, it is appropriate to demonstrate using computers and IT.

   Some students are unable to grasp concepts directly in classes.  They do find explanatory solutions which have been developed through innovative IT.  Many helpful web sites are available to students.  Some websites using animation, voice, and computation techniques are able to help the slower students.

   Many students do projects and learn computer science as well as information technology subjects in the last two years at school.  Hence it is appropriate for them to be conversant with IT at their level.

     The various schools have their public information put on their own websites.  The information flow, registration processes, payment processes, can happen through the net.  The website of the schools hosts relevant information for parents to select schools. 

   Various boards of education have now standardized the information technology use through websites for licensing, flow of notices or circulars, exam results, syllabus information, schedule of academic year etc.  It makes them coordinate easily a number of schools.

   The role is growing every year.  However, it should be seen that over dependency on IT is not appropriate.

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