Geyser works on the principle of converting electrical energy in to heat energy.
there are two pipe lines, one for the inlet of cold water and other for the outlet of hot water.
the tank id fitted with heating elements which are controlled by thermostats.
the tank is normally fitted with some insulating material such as glass wool and entire assembly is enclosed in a metal casing which can be hanged on a wall or where ever required.
when you switch on electricity the elements get heated. cold water in the geyser tank gets heated to a certain temperature.
thermostats cuts of electrical supply to geyser, once the water inside the tank reaches a certain temperature.
there are two LED lights one is red and other is green.
when the element is heating up, red light glows and when the element stop working green light glows.
cold water in the geyser come in through a separate inlet and hot water goes out through a separate out let.
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