You'll be sure to visit all the morning on the carpet for many years without any interest to be seen in the many lush vegetation.Plants !!! What are the plants? Ever around us, why are these plants? After all, what is the significance of these for us? Grandfather Tree today we will tell you about it. Let us hear from him.My affectionate greeting to all those who read the blog! I grandfather tree about you and your family all the people associated with our family have come to inform you about Mhttaon. Do you know the origin of our family from all life had been too many years ago? Yes, in our era Thaljante organic origin of our ancestors in that era scientists ferns, etc. Horsetel Laikofit name and then came the era Traasik Dialiske, including conifers, Gingo, as our ancestors developed Saked and Anavritbiji plants happen. And then our other brother brothers know Awritbiji as floral and plant emergence and growth.This is the story of our evolution, now hear further. We discussed a lot of us after emergence scientists living components of the environment put in the category of the plant kingdom. Thus, we have joined the descendants of the plant kingdom. We have many kinds of trees, herbs, flowers, grasses, ferns, moss, green algae, and more.