The first lesson from Romeo and Juliet that we have to learn is to be sincere in life just like they are sincere to each other. Secondly there are values in life that we should not forget and we have to keep our promises too. One has to think twice before doing something and should pursue it only if one feels  it would benefit one's life. Lastly,one should never forget one's family and parents and the effort they put in for you and should strive to attain the goal of one's life with perseverance.
1. Young people should allow their parents to arrange marriages for them. If Juliet had only had the sense not to get involved with a guy who trespasses in her backyard, she would have been safely alive and married to Paris.

2. Parents should let young people arrange marriages for themselves. If Capulet hadn't trie to force Juliet to marry Paris, she would be alive.

3. Trying to be a peacemaker just gets people hurt. If people are going to fight, let them. If Romeo had only let Mercutio fight Tybalt all would have been well. If Friar Lawrence hadn't got the idea that marrying Romeo and Juliet would end the feud, they wouldn't have been married and the trouble wouldn't have happened.

4. Love ends fighting. The families are reconciled through Romeo and Juliet's love.

5. Don't crash parties. Only go if you're invited. If Romeo had never met Juliet, their lives would have been saved.

6. Pharmacists should be well-paid. If they are poor, they might sell poison.

7. Don't let your daughter leave the house to go to confession. Who knows what crazy things the priest might advise her to do.

8. Don't attempt to perform a citizen's arrest on a man who is a known killer. Paris would have been better off to have run for the watch.

9. Even if you know that your wife is dead and buried, you should keep on believing that she might still be alive.