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In India we have seen that many sportsman are coming from small villages or towns.  The reasons for this phenomenon can be many.  But it is true.  For the last sixty years, we have found this happening.

Except some games like cricket, we have found that many athletes and sportsmen and women are produced from rural areas or small towns.  The people at small places may not have many facilities for sports and games.  But they have a lot of talent, natural strength and stamina from good and healthy food.  They also breathe fresh air.  In their small world, they are able to think of one aim, to excel in their sport or game. 

   Also, in villages the parents and friends give a lot of encouragement to the young to participate in competitive sports and win medals.  In cities, the parents ask their children to go to schools, do home work, and go to tuition and so on.  The play grounds are far away from residential areas.  It takes time for traveling to the ground and back.  In villages there are grounds nearby.   It is expensive to take coaching in cities and there are a huge number of students at each coach and the playing facility is to be shared.  In cities the children have a number of hassles also.

   Although in villages, there may not be as many facilities, and coaching facilities as in cities, the athletes are determined and show full concentration on their improvements.  So we find that there are many sportsmen and athletes from small towns and villages.

   Hence, it is more appropriate that we encourage villagers and the youth in smaller towns to play much better and contribute to the nation.  We need to give more incentives, higher scholarships, and awards.  Then India will produce high standard athletes to compete in international championships.

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