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We can contribute to the swachchata abhiyaan by first of all maintaining ourselves and our residential areas clean. 

Maintain our room and house clean by cleaning our regularly.  It is necessary to throw the garbage from the house in the garbage bins placed at some points in the residential or commercial areas.  we should not throw the garbage every where.  If this done, then most of the duty is fulfilled.

If there are no garbage cans provided nearby in the locality, then contact the local representatives of panchayat, municipal or corporation for arranging that.  If we observe others littering on the roads or in office areas, then they should be told of good discipline.  People should be educated whenever it is possible.

We should not litter on parks, public places during our private and public functions like dinners or parties or anniversaries.  Care should be taken to use the garbage cans only.

Do not allow rain water or other water to accumulate in dirty areas.  Inform the appropriate persons to have them cleaned and some disinfectant to be sprayed.

Educate people who do not know about the principles of hygiene.

All these are important as India is developing rapidly and so pollution and dirt are increasing due to carelessness of people.

As the population of India is very huge, it is not possible to maintain India clean by a few persons.  Every one must contribute to their capacity and reach.

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