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The content is not exactly the same as who one said in the direct speech sentence.  It is modified.  It is told as a report.  The words said by the speaker are modified and presented as a report to every body who reads it.

Direct speech :   You said to me "answer this question". 
Indirect speech :    You asked me to answer this question.

PM Modi said " every one must participate in clean India Campaign.". 
         PM Modi asked every one to participate in Clean India Campaign. 
 or ,    PM Modi siad that every one must participate in clean India campaign,
I said to my neighbour " Today it is so Sunny and Shiny."
         I said to my neighbour that it was so sunny and shiny that day.
or    I said to my neighbour that on that day it was so sunny and shiny.

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Reported sppech or indirect sppech reports something that was said,but it does not repeat the actual words that the speaker used.

Lynn asked whether Pippa had been to the new shopping mall.
Pippa replied that she hadn`t ,but she had heard that there were some really cool shops there.