Yes self help is the best help.
 ones a man went to the his village. his village lies on the sea shore. he settled there and started fishing business there. he will daily goes into the sea for fishing and sell those fishes in the market. one day as usual he went for fishing into the sea. while he was returning to home a sudden storm hit the ship and the water the entering in to the ship. some members jumped in to the sea and started swimming  to the sea shore. an old man told the fisherman to jump into the sea and save his life but he did not listen to the old man did not jump into the sea and started praying to the god. after some time the ship collapsed and it sunk into the sea and the fisherman died.
so if he jumped in to the sea and swimmed to the shore he would save his life.
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Once there lived a three friends they are ram ,mon,mik they went to forest then they slip in a hole then ramwas so tall so he lifted up then mik tried his best to reach the top but mon didn;t tried he thought his friends would help but then a tiger came to arrival; then ram escaped and mik going to top he alsoran but mon didnt tried so he became the meal of tiger so self help is a best help