If it is the poem....
1] who is the poet of the poem ?
-> poet of the poem is edward lear. he was born on 12th may 1812 in london .he was an english artist, author and a poet . 

2] where did the duck live and what did she long for ?
-> the duck lived in a nasty pond and was bored of his life. he wanted to leave that place and see the world beyond.

3] what preparations did the duck make for the ride on the kangaroos back ?
-> he bought four pairs of socks so that his feet could remain dry and warm. he also bought an overcoat. he smoked a cigar daily to please the kangaroo.

4] what do the words reflection and roomatiz in the poem mean ?
-> reflections means thinking
    roomatiz means diseases.

5] where and when do they go ?
-> they go around the whole world thrice in the pale moonlight.

6] what is the central idea of the poem ?
-> the duck and the kangaroo is a humorous poem. it presents the dialogues between the duck and a kangaroo. the duck is fed up of his boring life in the nasty pond. one day he meets a kangaroo and praises him for his hopping ability. he requests the kangaroo to give him a ride on his back but the kangaroo has some fears in his mind. he says that the duck's wet and cold feet would make him ill. the duck brings four pairs of wollen sockes to keep his feet dry and warm. the kangaroo then agrees to give a ride to the duck. they go round the world three times.
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