Juman sheik was a verry bad person because his aunt had a plot on her name he respected her and behaved well with her. after the plot got transformed to his name he ill treated her and did not give her food. juman also had a good friend named algu. though they were of different religions their thinking was the same so they maintained their friendship. But when Jumman’s aunt called the Panchayat; Algu was one of the Panchs who had to listen to both side i.e., of the aunt & his best friend, Jumman's. Jumman thought his friend would take his side but he did not it is because he realized that his friend was wrong. 

Jumman was angry and wanted to take revenge, but he lacked oppurtunity. But then got the oppurtunity to be one of the Panchs when the Panchaya was called against Algu; inspite of his thought of taking revenge. Jumman took the side of Algu as he was right.

This shows clearly that either friendship or enemity cannot effect the right judgement of The Panchs (who are considered to think selflessly without any partiality

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Ramu was the panch for a village. 1 day a girl bought a case before panch   againast a man who was somu , the son of ramu. the case was somu was teasing a girl. when she slapped him for it, he hit her & she fell on groud but managed to run away. though the acuussed  aceepted his guilt & asked for pardon. though somu was his son . the panch ordered him to stand in middle of panch & to bow his head the head before the girl asking for her pardon. & to give a written insurance that he would not trouble her anymore. 

though somu was his son he had give him a big punishment. by this we came to know that a god leaves in a panch