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Already the population is very large in India.  The further increase is a real worry.

We do not have sufficient food and resources in India.  More population needs more food and resources. 

The increase in population requires new jobs, additional medical, residential, legal, administrative, protection, educational facilities.  India does not have so many facilities or resources.

The total revenue will be divided among all people and per capita income will become even lower.  The total revenue or productivity is not increasing at the same rate of growth of population.

Most of the population growth is at the lower class and in poor people.  Hence it becomes an responsibility of the government to take care of them.  It is not possible.

More population implies more possibility of diseases and disputes.

Representatives of people are now responsible for a huge number of people.  It is practically very difficult to look after their needs.

Increasing population needs increasing plans at national levels.  India's plans and budgets are unable to satisfy the needs.  The budget and estimates/plans are changing all the time.  The demand is high and supplies are low.  So there is a scope for price increase always.  The number of imports is also going up.

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