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1.  Temperature dependence of magnetism. 
    heat the magnet and check its attraction capability on many safety pins.  compare with the same ability when it is colder  magnet.

2. cut the magnet in the middle and check its poles and pole strengths.

3. cut the edges of a magnet to a smaller surface area.  Like pointed edges.  Check the effect on the magnetic pole strength.  It will increase or decrease is to be found. 

4.  Rub a magnet on the surface of another magnetic from north to south.  Check if the magnetic effect is altered.  This is to be done over a long duration many times.

5. Effect of magnetism when a magnetic is immersed in water.  Check how many pins it attracts when it is inside water from the bottom of the water container, when it is placed at the same distance as in the air above the table.

6.  Check the magnetic strength when it is oriented in various directions, horizontally and vertically.  Find the magnetic poles and magnetic axis  of the Earth.

7. Arrange for a magnet to be in the center of a water container but above the bottom of the container.  Perhaps the magnet can be placed on  a thin non-magnetic stand.  Now observe the magnetic field lines around magnet by spreading iron powder near the magnet.

8.  You can choose to measure the properties of electromagnet and prove or disprove some property or law.

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