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Pariah class discrimination with a flower is the poetry of desire. Author Sukhiya and his father are talking through the pain of the class. Sukhiya is an untouchable girl. She is the only daughter of his father. Once the epidemic had spread to their village. The epidemic was engulfing children. Sukhiya also became a victim of the epidemic. His father and mother to their village temple offerings form the largest implores bring a flower. Her father,Sukhiya are confused because of the desire of the low-caste, and the temple, he is Ooji the men. In order to fulfill this wish of daughter hide-hide it on to the temple of the Goddess are offering. Her father is very pleased that happiness does not last long and he gets caught. Everyone present in the temple, and he beat her as a punishment is imprisonment for seven days. When he comes back from jail the news is his daudhter was died because of epidemic He would not see his daughter last. Sukhiya poet's father, through the whole of this question would fit Sushti building society is God, then all human beings are equal, then who are we going to put him in shackles of ups and downs. Who gave us the right temple of God in which we prevent anyone from entering.
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