prinicipal madam 
                                        i m b. rusheel kumar from 10 th class from r.b.s school near miyapur madam i want 2 go nd participated in the shooting compiption can you give me 1 month holidays 2 go nd particed in the national competition                                                           
                                                   thanking you 
                                                                                        your dearest student 
                                                                                          b.rusheel kumar
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Respected Principal,
I Sai Raghava Reddy of JR.M.P.C. writing a letter for you about sports day on which we have enjoyed a lot by your encouragement,and too we are very happy when the games were won by our selves.Sir I sincerely request you to conduct so many games like this.We are very keen about this sports day when compared to any other day in the year.I think sports day is celebrated on the remembrance of the hockey player named 'DHYAN CHAND' titled as 'hockey ka jadoogar'.It is celebrated on 29th august ever year.The importance of any sport is the joy in playing it.Playing the game and playing well is what sport is all about.India is doing well in the field of sports.So I once again thank you for conduv=cting sports day for us.
Thanking you sir,
yours sincere student,
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