Infant - Crying
Childhood Age - Fresh clean face, carrying a bag; but walks slowly like a snail because of his unwillingness to go to school
Lover - Sentimental, unhappy
Soldier - Quarreless, short tempered, foolishly look for glory and fanne in the jaws of death
Justice - Fat, accepts gifts of chickens, quotes popular saying and mordern examples
Old Age - getting weak and lean due to failing health, loss of manly voice
Second Child - extreme old age, weakening of all senses - hearing, seeing, taste etc
Infant -mewling and puking in the nurse's arms.
childhood age-unwilling to go school and shining face.
lover age- sighing like furance, writing romantic ballads for mistress's.
soldier- jealous in honour ,quick in quarrel, and searching for bubble reputation.
justice- full of wise sayings and modern instances.
old age - spectacles ,lean and weak, horse voiced, worried.
second child - toothless ,weak eyesight,poor taste and forgetful.
they are the characteristicts.

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