Cyclone Hudhud is very severe storm and the 2nd strongest and destructive cyclone of 2014 . The word Hudhud refers to the bird Hoopoe and the name hudhud was suggested by Oman . This cyclone landed on VisakhapatnamAndhra Pradesh, on October 12  with three minute wind speeds of 175 km/h (109 mph) and a minimum central pressure of 960 mbar . Atleast 109 peoples are got dead in this cyclone and cause damages near Rs 70000 crore . This most destructive and severe cyclone is formed due to the upper air cyclonic circulation.
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Cyclone HUDHUDH is very severe storm and the second largest storm that never happened.above 100 people died in this and more than 1,00,000 crore property is a loss for the people of vizag.this cyclone turned over vizag on october many comments were posted on this cyclone in FB.and by those statements somany people were arrested