I)Poverty means hunger and lack of shelter. It also is a situation in which parentsarenot able to send their children to school or a situation where sick people cannotafford treatment.
ii) Poverty also means lack of clean water and sanitation facilities.
 iii)It also means lack of a regular job at a minimum decent level.
iv) Above all it means living with sense helplessness. Poor people are in a situationin which they are ill-treated at almost every place, in farms, factories,government offices, hospitals, railway stations etc.
1. Check population rate
2. Create awareness on population control.
3. Announce incentives for families with single child
4. Create better job opportunities 
5. Build better schools,
6. Provide free education.
7. Plan rehabilitation for disaster struck families
8. Provide adequate sanitation and housing facilities
9. Make sure proper wages are given for the job done
10. Arrange medical facilities for the underprivileged