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Application software performs mainly the computations required by the end user.  The railway reservation software, performs computations related to the reservation.  It enables payment related options and validates payments.    Application software is the interface between the user and the operating system with windows.

Application software does the intended use of the computer.  First, it checks the users for authenticating their identification and password.  Then it associates the proper authorities with the user.  It validates the authority of the user to perform various operations inside the application.

Application software also indicates to the system software the critical areas, in which a shared code modifies databases.  Application software gives a graphical interface to the user, based on the windowing system given by the  operating system.

Application software remembers the history of user inputs.  It checks the validity of user inputs and informs the user of any errors and inconsistencies in the given data.

Application software prepares documents specific to the application and enables printing for the formatted forms, like tickets or application forms.

Application software also can prepare presentations of data like charts in order for the analysis be done easily.

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application software are programs which are written for a specific task. for example          business software :these software are used to help companies measure or increase their productivity. Decision making software:these are software are using artificial intelligence.Educational software:these are used by students and teachers.