1.Everybody _______ to be very happy with the song which was sung by me (seem/seems)

2.My aunt and uncle ____ living with me for a while (is/are)

3.There  ___ no more chocolates left in the box. (is/are)

4.Either Jenny or Taylor ___ helping today with the table decorations. (is/are)

5.Neither Selena nor Demi __ going with me to watch twilight (is/are)

6.That boy ______ to eat ice-cream (love/loves)

7.Those boy ________ to eat ice-cream (love/loves)

8.There ___ two Kilograms of rice left. (is/are)

9.______ there many people in the party? (was/were)

10.Did Miley ______ that movie? (watch/ watched)

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1.My Mother and Father ________________ living with me(is/are)
2.There ___________ so many biscuits left in the box(is/are)
3.That boy ______________ to play(love/loves)
4.There ____________ two kilograms of sugar left(is/are)
5.There ____________ many people in the party(was/were)
6.did you ________________that movie(watch/watched)