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     Education by itself does not have any adverse effects.  It is the misuse of education by bad persons that results in adversity.  Education imparts skills and knowledge but not wisdom and good nature.  These have to be present in the person or inculcated in the person by some other means.  Education is making a person to think that what he thinks is right.  He wants others to adjust to him rather than he adjust to the society.

      All educated people expect jobs in the urban areas only. Now no educated person stays back in the villages. Educated persons are able to cheat the illiterate poor villagers in regards to their properties, facilities from the government, etc.  Educated persons do not want to do physical labour based jobs.  So the number of people who do physical labour is reducing. This escalates costs.  More machinery will be required to complete works.


    Some persons become too proud, stubborn, adamant because of education and not have any good attitude towards poor and suffering people. They may not care or respect their own elders.  Educated people do not want to stay together with other members of family.  They want to make independent decisions.  Usually the family relations in educated world are cordial and at a distance.  Often education makes youth to think that they know what is best for them.  So they may ignore the best advices given by elders who are really their well wishers.

     Educated persons want to change living style, talking style, clothes and their wearing style.  Often educated person may think of fashion as some thing not traditional and being imported or some thing crazy.  Fashion means doing unorthodox way.  They may ridicule the ways of living and culture of local people.  But the local culture is developed over thousands of years through wise decisions made by people.

     Education without cultural, moral and ethical education is not good and it will have side effects.

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