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When i first went to college i am very nervous because noone will be known there  and also very excited to meet  new friends.later i became close to all lecturers an dfrom then i am very happy in the college but not as in the school.when i stepped my first step into the college i thought that we can be as free as we are in the school and later i realised that college is very different from the school.
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My first day in college went off really well. I was pretty excited to join college and to be counted as a senior after getting out of school. College appeared as a new world to me, where so many opportunities awaited. There was an element of tension also, as I had heard a lot about ragging by seniors from my cousins. After passing through the entrance gate, I did not know how to reach my class. I could see groups of students standing out there, but did not have the courage to ask them, for fear of ragging. Suddenly another group of students,who came on a bike , stopped by and enquired what the matter was. They gave me a lift to the campus, and introduced me to the campus.I was hugely relieved, and the whole day ended on a high note.
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