Cleanliness and healthy living no doubt increases the living conditions of people , and reduce medical costs. This helps to save money to get education or have a good residence which would in turn help to secure good job opportunities and good living. Cleanliness will definitely take a nation forward towards progress. We can encourage cleanliness in the locality through various programs like 
creating awareness about cleanliness and the importance of practicing it by 
presentations, organizing cleanliness drives involving the residents, having slideshows, distributing pamphlets to read about the topic, warn them of the harms of leading an unhealthy life, and how cleanliness will benefit them and the country. Medical checkups can be organized in the locality and doctors can also be involved in advising about healthy living. Incentives like work, scholarship for underprivileged,etc to improve their lives can also be given. The important point is to make them understand how healthy living could lead to a good future and offer them the way to do it.
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   Unfortunately, in India many people in India are ignorant about health, cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation.  That could be due to their illiteracy or ignorance or negligence.  Such an environment and practice has landed Indians in to trouble and defamed us among the neighbors.  The nation seems to spend a lot of money on various health related schemes.  But the improvement is not good enough.


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  Clean house and surroundings will improve one person's health as well as the family's health.  The entire community will be benefited.  Children fall sick quickly if there are unhygienic conditions and garbage lying every where. 


   Thus if we are maintaining clean surroundings we save money on the medical treatment, doctor fees, and medicines. Also, we save our time.  We do not get absent from schools or offices.  Also, laborers will not lose their daily earnings.


    Thus the national economy is affected in a positive way if all of us are healthy. We maintain good cleanly surroundings to eradicate many diseases that are occurring to people in large numbers.  Then the spending of government like Crores of Rupees will be saved and it can be used in development of India. 


    When India will become clean and will look beautiful, like in movies, we will like going to everywhere and walking on roads.  ALso, the foreigners will like to visit India more.  Do you know that for the last many years foreigners do not like to come to India because India is dirty.  They are afraid of contracting diseases.

Encouraging my locality:

     I will invite a group of students to come together to cooperate with cleanliness drive.  We will participate in weekly effort to clean our community.  We will try to get many garbage cans in our locality.  We will watch over the regular clearing of the cans by municipality and inform municipality when that is not being done.  If some people are throwing garbage on roads, we will caution them.  We will go from house to house to help all people understand the health related benefits from cleanliness.



   New projects are initiated and people will get work and more developments will follow.  A lot  of construction work is taken up.  The knowledge of people also develops.   But we have to spend a lot of money and effort to do all this.  In spite of it, Clean India will help India progress and develop.

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