The story Journey By Night shows us under what circumstances Sher singh,though being 12years old,carries his little brother Kunwar (groaning with pain) through dense jungle and two rivers-one calm but the other badly shows that Sher Singh had inherited some of his father's also shows that Sher Singh loved his brother dearly.
it inspires us to rise an face all the difficulties in life and help others without the greed of any credit.

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The story "The journey by night" is a wonderful  story about the beautiful relationship of two brothers.This story inspires me as I get to know the relation,the love and fection we can show towards our siblings in what ever circumstances we are in.It also inspires us to perform our duties and responsibilities which have been bestowed on us no matter whether we are the eldest or the youngest "duties are duties" and they have to be accomplished.Moreover if you have the concern and the love for your siblings you will perform your duties by yourself.This story has taught me a very important lesson for my life and that is to always,always take care of my siblings and be ready to sacrifice anything for them may it be in lavish times or in difficult times or when i'm on the crossroads of my life, or through the darkest days of my life ,I always need to be there on their side encouraging them and supporting them in all the aspects of life......
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