When you describe your personalitiy it should reflect your qualities,your talents,the things your interested in,the specalities that you have within yourself,your behaviour with the people in your surroundings and the way you respond to others whether you are an introvert or a friendly person.At the same time it should not be like your boasting about yourself, it must be simple and try  not to beat around the bush always be straight forward when your talking about your personality.
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Perhaps like ...

I am 5 feet 2 inches tall, fair/colored, having black hair and normal black eyes. I generally wear  -----.  I try to appear neat and clean all the time. 

I am usually punctual at appointments.  I am respect elders. I am soft and kind hearted. I believe in God and pray to God regularly. 

I am moderately intelligent and generally friendly with my colleagues. I do follow a discipline during the day. I do not get much angry as I feel it is not appropriate.  I enjoy jovial moods and jokes.

I like to play sports and games.  I watch international events.  I play many games, but during the vacations. I like sweets.  On Sundays, I finish my home work and like to relax for some time and then go out with my friends.

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