There is an increase demand from social welfare organisations that people must not be allowed to go on hunger strike. But I would strongly assert that it is the right of the concerned person to decide how to lead his life and fight for his rights or requirements.He is eligible , under the law in  India, to take the decision on how to go about it. No one else has the right to dictate how another individual's actions must be, Doing so would be intruding into or violating the other person's right to freedom.I strongly feel that a person would go on a hunger strike only if he feels  all other  options are closed. We have the example of our own Bapuji in front of us who practised hunger strike for noble cause. Hence, in my opinion, one should be given the freedom to act according to his will and go on a hunger strike if he wishes to unless and until it harms others.
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I personally feel that there is nothing wrong in people going on hunger strikes provided the reason for which they go on a fast is for a good cause. Hunger strike is perhaps the most non violent way of getting one's wish fulfilled. The people who go on hunger strikes do not eat any solid food but they live on a liquid diet for days and weeks. The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi also went on hunger strike. Gandhi was imprisoned in 1922, 1930, 1933 and in 1942. While in prison, he went on hunger strike. While the hunger strike inflicts pain and weakness on the person who does the strike, it will automatically create a sense of guilt to the opponent. As far as I know, hunger strikes are far better than wars which causes loss to so many people. Wars lead to deaths and irreparable losses to many. But hunger strikes aren't that invasive.