Population has several effects such as:
1]If the population increases then the demands of the people increases.
2]There will be more requirement of land for the construction of houses,shops,buildngs,etc because of which trees have to be cut down leading to deforesation.
3]The government will not be able to meet the wants and desires of each and every person and gradually the poverty in our country will increase.
4]If the poroblem of population increases then people will be forced to mirgrate and the number of immigrants will increase and the problems in the other places will become more and more.
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Population means the total number of people living in a place. If the number of people increases there will be insufficient facilities in the area for that many people. then there may be shortage of land for housing and  drinking water also also There will be no adequate facilities to provide education and food supplies would become insufficient. Job opportunities will becomme less and wages will decrease leading to poverty.