Hi to everyone as all of you know that this is our last day of tenth class so i want to thank all my classmates for being so cooperative and also my dear teachers for giving us a lot of knowledge.I am gonna to miss all the funny mistakes which we had done in this year.I am gonna to  miss all this.THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.
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My dear friends and teachers,

I take this opportunity to convey the gratitude for giving these wonderful years in this school, which will remain an integral part of my life. We have shared happiness, learned together and we have had our moments of sorrow too. After all these years of togetherness, we are splitting up to join other educational institutions for further studies. Let us all make a promise today to keep in touch though we leave this institution for the time being. We will alll be thankful to the teachers for being patient with us and imparting the great wealth of knowledge to us.
Thank you

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