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Good morning friends,  I wish to express my some of views on Swach Bharat.

    Swachch Bhaarat is the five-year campaign that our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi started on 2nd October, 2014.  We know that Gandhiji wished that Indians learn hygiene and sanitation and practice them.  We must follow the principles of cleanliness to pay respects to our nation's father.

   Government officers, celebrities, volunteers and students too should participate in this campaign to spread awareness among all people.  We, people of India are fighting many diseases and spending a lot on health.  If we follow a discipline then we can save that money.  Our country will appear beautiful and clean like on the cinema screen.

   We should not litter around.  We should collect garbage and put it in designated bins on the streets.  They will be cleared off by the municipality.  Many lazy people throw waste every where.  This is not right.  Already foreigners from advanced countries have a bad impression about Indians and India.  We must improve up on it.

    We should stop defecating and urinating in public.  We will have to build a lot of toilets in public places, schools and in houses where they are missing.  We should not let dirty water accumulate in stinking canals and in small neglected areas.  We should not pollute riversides by littering and water bodies though release of industrial waste.  We must maintain our rooms and toilets clean to prevent harmful mosquitoes and viruses from breeding.

     I thank you all for giving this opportunity and listening to me silently and attentively. My India, a Clean India.

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Gandhi ji once said that toilets should be as clean as a kitchen
gandhi ji wanted India to be very clean.
his dream will be fullfilled in 2019 his 150th birthday

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