I will sit with her during an extra period to discuss and describe what has been taught in class while she was away, and would ask her to read the portion slowly and properly. Where ever she has doubts, I would explain again in detail. If she again has problems in understanding the lesson, I would take her to our science teacher and request her to help my friend.
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As she is facing the problem in understanding of the chapter from  the text book, I will explains the points that are mentioned in the class from my notes.

I will ask exactly which point she is unable to understand and which points she is able to understand.  Then I will see if she understands, the points told by the teacher.  More than that, it is difficult to explain.  I will explain her by doing one exercise at the end of the chapter and explain the worked out example.

More than that, I can advise her to see some other resources.  She may contact the teacher the next day, and seek a proper advice.

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