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If you are really concerned about your friend then just go up to her and tell her that she's gonna pay for all that she's doin now.And just try to cousel her and tell her that the time she's lost she'll never get it back.And also remind her that whatever she sows she's gonna reap,then may be she'll be forced to think about it.But always remember that you always knew about your frnds weakeness and still if you ignore and think like what is that I've got to do about her live then you will also be the person responsible for the failures in her life.So since you know about her problem so try your level best to help her out.
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I would make her understand that chatting on face book, ignoring her studies would harm her future and that wasting her time on unnecessary diversions like this would only harm her. If she is not ready to listen, and correct her behaviour, I would ask the help of an elderly person like my mother or father or even her parents or teachers to stop her from ruining her life. Being a sincere friend of hers , it is my responsibility to save her from such a situation which is not benefitting her.
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