Ladies and gentlemen,

A genius is a person who excel in intellectual abilities and  knowledge when compared to others. He can actually contribute in many areas which are beneficial for the society, if his abilities are properly made use of. For this the society and the people around him have to be encouraging and supportive of the person. But unfortunately, in our society, no one seems to have the ability of tolerating the higher abilities of others. There arises, jealousy, rivalry and then the urge to run him down, just to show that a genius is not better than him or her. But we need to understand that we have  to create a culture among ourselves to accept the qualities of others, and to think about how to utilize their exceptional abilities to benefit the nation. A genius on the other side , may not be interested in trivial matters like gossiping or other pass times, since he focuse on intellectual work. This may not be liked by those who cannot match his skills and they may feel incapable to converse with him. This creates more difficulty for the genius to mingle in the society. The concluding line is that we need to act more maturely and set aside our egos, and work together with those who are capable to build a good future  for our country.

Thank you