Charge, also known as electric charge, is a characteristic unit of matter. It can be positive or negative.

It's unit is coulomb (C)

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     In physics there are electric (electrostatic or moving) charges and magnetic charges (theoretical).  In chemistry we have ionic charges in terms of electron or proton charges.

Electric charge:

   An electric charge is the basic property of matter, due to which, that matter or body is influenced by an electric field or magnetic field.  Electric charges may reside on conductors or dielectrics or insulators.

   We recognize a charge by the force it experiences when it is placed in an electric field or by the induced charge it produces in a matter nearby it, or by the force it exerts on another charge.


  Unit of charge is Coulombs C in SI system.  There are other units also like one Faraday is equal to 96, 485 coulombs.  In atomic physics and chemistry,  charge of one electron 1.602 * 10^-19 C is the unit of charge.

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