With the formula  v=u+at
As the ball is hit.:u=0 v=10m/s ⇒10=0+aX0.01⇒a=1000m/s²

So the force applied is 250N
i dnt thnk so.....
well i think professional help is required
ok found my mistake.
F=0.25X1000=250 N
ok.its done,
its given that u=10..
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Change in velocity in 0.01 sec = +10m/s - (-10m/s) = 20 m/sec
Change in momentum = 250/1000 kg * 20 m/sec = 5 kg-m/sec

Force = rate of change in momentum = 5 / 0.01 = 500 Newtons

Direction of the force is same as the direction of velocity of the ball after rebounding.

     v = u + a t
  u and v are in opposite directions.  So u is -ve and v is positive.
     +10 = -10 + a * 0.01
           a = 2000 m/sec²
 Force =  m a = 250/1000 * 2000 = 500 Newtons,  in the direction of v.

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