Obey Laws and Respect Authority-Don’t break laws and also refrain others for doing so.If not satisfied by any Law use Constitutional means to change the Law.Civic and Social Duty should be performed-Be aware about the issues affecting the society and provide solutions to them,Vote intelligently and Pay Taxes by proper means and use acts like RTI,RTE for the good of the society.Keep your surroundings and locality clean,Use Dustbin,Care for Public Property and Other People’s Property.Be Honest to your Country and Fellow CitizenDevelop a deep sense of Patriotism towards you Country,Respect your Country’s Social and Economic Policies,Always contribute to the Welfare of our Country.Must be able to teach the Younger Generation to show Respect and Love  towards the Country.Make your Country Proud when visiting other Nations,Never speak bad about your Country.Help the Poor and Needy and Provide great Hospitality to both Foreign and Local Tourist.
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i believe you have to write the fundamental duties of a citizen and not others

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Indian citizens have not only fundamental rights to claim, but also duties to fulfil. We are obliged to fulfil them by the constitution. 

Indian constitution has added the fundamental duties of a citizen in the 42nd amendment in 1976.  

It is the duty of every citizen to: 

1. To abide by and obey the constitution 

2. To uphold and protect sovereignity, unity, and integrity of India 
3. To provide education opportunities for their children up to 14yrs of age  (this is for a parent) 
4. To respect the national symbols of India, National Flag, and National Anthem5. To preserve the culture and heritage of India 
6. To assist the country in defence against other countries when required 
7. To promote harmony and spirit of brotherhood amongst all people of iNDIA, across all religions and regions 
8. Protect the environment like forests, lakes, rivers and wild life 
9. Protect the public property 
10. Develop scientific temper 
11. To detest, denounce, and counter violence 
12. To work towards excellence in all (fields or aspects) spheres of life

These fundamental duties enhance the spirit of patriotism and enhance the unity of India. But these cannot be enforced on citizens and cannot be used in the court of law against persons. 

Following these duties will earn respect for a person in the Society and in the eyes of the government. Many social workers and voluntary organizations try to fulfill their social obligations by working towards the above mentioned duties.

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